This March, I started working with Wildsight to create a brand new educational program called the Columbia River Field School (CRFS). After six months of brainstorming, planning, networking, and organizing, our efforts came to fruition when we journeyed by canoe for twelve days with sixteen local youth from the headwaters of the Columbia to the confluence with the Kootenay river, learning from the land and its people all along the way. We met with twenty-one guest experts and covered a rigorous and wide ranging curriculum that touched on perspectives from the various fields of outdoor adventure, ecology, hydrology, geography, economics, history, politics, and culture. We strengthened our connections to the land and built connections with each other. We thought critically, but spoke from the heart. By all counts, it was a huge success. Read more about it here.

I am continuing to work with Wildsight to make sure this program continues into the future. 


 Top photo by  Pat Morrow . Bottom photo by Shelly Boyd.

Top photo by Pat Morrow. Bottom photo by Shelly Boyd.